Source release of MAQAO. MAQAO is a performance analysis framework developed at University of Versailles Saint Quentin and Exascale Computing Research Lab. More information on www.maqao.org or maqao.exascale-computing.eu

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MAQAO (Modular Assembly Quality Analyzer and Optimizer)


Pre requisites
Running MAQAO tools


The following packages and softwares have to be installed before launching the installation:

If you choose the original lua package (and not luajit) then you will also need:

  • libreadline-dev
  • libncurses-dev


MAQAO is a cmake based project.
Go into the MAQAO folder
If no "build" directory is present, create it
>$ mkdir build
Go into the build folder:
>$ cd build
Then run the following commands:
>$ cmake ..
>$ make


The documentation generation is optional and need several softwares:

To build the documentation, go in the build directory and type:
>$ make doc
Generated files are available trough a web browser. The LUA API documentation is called
DeveloperGuide.html and the C API documentation is called CoreDeveloperGuide.html. Both
are located in MAQAO/doc

Running MAQAO modules

A MAQAO module can be launched with the following command:
>$ maqao <module> [args]
For instance to list the functions in the binary /path_to/my_binary:
>$ maqao analyze --list-functions /path_to/my_binary

The -h option provides help for a given module.

To execute user-defined MAQAO/Lua scripts, use:
>$ maqao <lua-script> [args]
Note that MAQAO scripts are Lua scripts that can use the MAQAO Lua API extensions (see documentation for more information)

For general help on MAQAO:
>$ maqao -h